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My designs find

the relationship between:

what ‘must be'

+ what ‘can be'.

I find a framework

(around the actor or

on their bodies) that

fits the need +

invites them to play

Salt Water Moon
Creating Genesis Theatre
Dir: Heidi MacDonald​


 (Apprentice to Neil Fleming)

Lunchbox Theatre

Dir: Justin Many Fingers

Kohkum & me

The Rest of Us Theatre Co.

Created by Zach Running Coyote


Red Rover


Dir: Kelsey Krogman

Cotard's Delusion (film)

Sybil Uprising Productions

Dir: Jordan Cutbill, Nathan Schmidt

Lucy Lost in Cancerland

Common Thread Theatre Co.

Dir: Mark Lewandowski


The Last Five Years

Madness and Merriment Productions

Dir: Nathan Schmidt

recent projects
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