A n n a   D a l g l e i s h

I have thin skin and an unflappable spirit. 

My voice is formed by a sharp intellect and a soft heart.

I’m a ferocious defender of ‘being yourself’.

It takes courage to shed everything but the truth, but that’s my aim.

I’ve chosen to be a human on display in service of the (majority of)

humans who’d rather die than strip down to their worst faults and

most sacred, soft longings in front of others.


But at the heart of it, we all want to be seen,

and in the theatre we can look at strangers and see ourselves.


I am that Self-Stranger, putting on the clothes of fiction

to expose something true.


P.S. ‘Dal-’ rhymes with ‘pal’ and ‘-gleish’ rhymes with ‘quiche’.





© 2019 Anna Dalgleish

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